[Advaita-l] Hastamalaka

Shyam Subramanian shyamsub at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 22:21:35 CDT 2006

namaste SrI jiva dasji,

The hastAmalakIya stotram is there in the list website itself, at


On 9/25/06, jiva das <jivadas3 at yahoo.ca> wrote:
>      Who are you? Whose child are you?
>      Where are you going? What is your name? Where do you come from?
>      Child, I would like to hear your answer to my questions.
>   So spoke the Acharya Shankara to the child, and Hastamalaka made this
> reply:
>   [I will post the rest of this tomorrow; still hoping that some member of
> this group may have the Sanskrit.]
>   What a pleasure is satsanga!!!
>   jd
> May the long-time sun shine upon you,
> all love surround you,
> and the pure light within you
> guide your way home.
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