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The Hastamalaka Stotra has been translated in this form, with this Introduction by Ramana Maharshi, whose feet I kiss: 
  "When Shankara, the Guru of the world, was travelling in the western parts of India and overcoming [in debate] the expounders of the various schools of thought, he once came to a village known as Srivali http://www.chitrapurmath.net/srivali_highschool_Jan2005.htm 
  When a Brahmana inhabitant of the village named Prabhakara heard about his arrival he went to him with his thirteen-year-old son. He prostrated before Shankara and made his son also prostrate.
  He then explained that his son had been mute [could not speak] since childhood, that he had no likes or dislikes, nor a sense of honor or dishonor, and that he was completely inactive. {We would call him today "retarded".] 
  The Guru then raised him up and asked him this friendly question: 
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May the long-time sun shine upon you, 
all love surround you,
and the pure light within you 
guide your way home.
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