[Advaita-l] Differentiating between Sruti mantras for Vichara vs Dhyana Sadhana

Sundar Rajan avsundarrajan at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 18 21:54:07 CDT 2006

  I am re-appearing to this list after a very long break. We are in the middle of a discussion (to put it mildly - some may view it as a raging fire :-)) on the other advaita list on Samadhi vs understanding etc etc. 
  Anyway, I have a quick question. 
  Katha Upanishad mantras such as "'yadaa paJNchaavatishhThante GYaanaani manasaa saha" are viewed as describing Yoga Sadhana based on the commentaries of Sankara, Sri Madhusadana Saraswati and Sri Vidyaranya. 
  From my un-scholarly reading ''yacched van manasi..'' and "dR^ishyate tvagryayaa buddhyaa suukshmayaa suukshmadarshibhiH " (He is realzied by a one-pointed and subtle intellect) also appear to be Yoga Sadhana oriented rathen than Vichara.
  Appreciate opinions from esteemed scholars in this list.
  Message from the 'other' list (background info):
  4. Not all Sruti mantras are for 'vichara'. Some could be meant as
Dhyana Sadhana

I may be mistaken here but my understanding is that
mantras like '"But by the seers of subtle things, He is seen through
a pointed and fine intellect."' and ('yacched van manasi..') "The
discriminating man should merge the organ of speech into the mind.."
seem to be dhyana sadhanas rather than for vichara.

For example, in the Brahma Sutra bhasya Sankara says about
the 'yacched van manasi' mantra "Tat yogamartham yogam darshayati"
the sruti "shows THAT YOGA for attaining Him". Isn't this mantra
meant to be a Sadhana rather than for 'understanding'?

In Jivanmukti Viveka for example, Sri Vidyaranya discussed this
mantra in length in the context of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

I am not a scholar on Prasthana Traya or on Vichara - can members
please provide their expert opinion on this?
  Sundar Rajan

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