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Apart from "criticising" his older counterparts for going against the
shA~Nkara sampradAya (I am not sure historically he has been the only
one to do so), Sri Sacchidanandendra Sarasvati has started a strong
tradition of studying vedAnta texts among many people. His influence
has caused many to become students of vedAnta in bhArata and rest of
the world. Of course, I am not saying that he is unique in this
aspect. But, his translations of all the prasthAnatrayI bhAShyas of
Adisha~Nkara bhagavatpAda into kannaDa (I am using his kannaDa
translation of gItAbhAShya for studying it under a scholar) and his
critical analysis of the various texts of vedAnta have been very
helpful too.


On 9/14/06, Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian <rama.balasubramanian at gmail.com> wrote:
> I received a personal email from someone, which is prompting me to write
> this.
> The idea of a "true" tradition which is "lost" and then "rediscovered"
> is a very *Western* concept and is utterly alien to the Indian/Hindu
> way of thinking. In the Hindu way of thinking the same underlying
> philosophy exists - sanaatana dharma. No one can destroy it. The
> sampradaayavids always exist. Modifications on top of the fundamental
> ideas happen over time, which do not invalidate the sampradaaya.
> Changes are accepted and embraced. They are not harshly criticized.
> This is the fact. Most Western educated Indians themselves are not
> aware of this key fact and adopt a historical analysis of anything and
> everything, which will lead you no where in the Indian philosophy - at
> least if you are a practitioner, or want to really understand the
> Hindu way of thinking. But historical analysis is certainly good if
> you want to write papers in journals and publish books.There is a
> saying that when biologists don't know what to do, they'll start
> classifying things. The same goes for philosophers arranging
> philosophy within neat historical compartments.
> Rama
tasmAttvamuttiShTha yasho labhasva
jitvA shatrUn bhu~NkShva rAjyaM samR^iddham|
mayyaivaite nihatAH pUrvameva
nimittamAtraM bhava savyasAchin||11.33||
-bhagavAn shrIkR^iShNa, bhagavadgIta

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