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Hi Jagan,

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> Namskaram,
> I was trying to follow this thread but ended up getting confused a
> little bit:
> 1) Is Pancadasi same as Panchapadika?

Panchapadika is a sub-commentary on Sankara's commentary on the
Brahma Sutras. Tradition says that it was authored by Sankara's
disciple Padmapada, but SSS says that the Panchapadika is a work of a
"malicious person" because it does not follow Sankara's commentary
accurately (the main reason being the text's equation of Avidya with

Panchadasi is an independent work from around the 13th century.

The author of the Jivanmuktiviveka (JMV) quotes both the Panchapadika
as well as the Panchadasi as authorities.

> 2) I did not see any quotations from the work itself in the
> arguments:
> only exclamations and comments on whose interpretation of the work
> is
> more precise (Sri SSS or Sri Vidyaranya/citsuka et al.)

My only claim was this: The author of the JMV, whom tradition
identifies with Swami Vidyaranya, the great former pontiff of
Sringeri, quotes the Panchapadika as authority, which means that the
author of the JMV thinks that the Panchapadika is a meritorious work.
Hence SSS cannot be correct when he claims that the author of the
Panchapadika can be a "malicious person".

I primarily based my claim on the fact that the JMV is considered a
very great advaitic work by all traditional advaitins. Is it really
conceivable that the author of the JMV could have been mistaken in
assuming the Panchapadika to be in line with the advaita tradition?

I now feel that SSS **may** not have interpreted some
sub-commentaries on the Brahma Sutra Bhashya correctly, because as a
matter of fact, texts such as the JMV contain seemingly contradictory
passages to Sankara's works, but are actually quite in line with the
tradition. I'll try to post an article on the JMV's stance regarding
the differences between BrahmaGYAna and jIvanmukti and show how it
does not contradict Sankara Bhashyas. It will be an expansion of what
I had already posted a while ago at


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