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  Just two things to add here:-  
  1.  Even before Sri Sachidananendra Saraswathi Swaminaha, Scholars had indeed pointed out that later commentaries had taken up this Bhavarupa Avidya issue - which is not dealt with so in the original Bhashya.  Please see how Polakam Rama Shastri deals with this in his introduction to Panchapadika edition from the Madras University - and how he charges that SSS has plagiarised his works from Nagesa Bhatta.  Swamiji has indeed replied for this allegation, but what i am saying is that Scholars have indeed been raising this issue from time to time.    One should agree that it was SSS who came out with a systematic research document on this subject.
  Gravitational force was there from day one and so many apples had been falling from day one. but it was Newton who "discovered" the gravitational force.  Now one cannot ask was it only he from day 1 who found it.....many saw apples falling but the discovery was made by this guy.  what i am pointing out is that, it is possible for a one to discover something which has slipped off attention in the past.  
  2.  What SSS says is that unlike Sureshvaracharya who very clearly mentions that he is a disciple of the Acharya (his Naishkarmya Sidhi and Brihadanyaka Vartika) we dont have a direct proof that Padmapada was a disciple of the Acharya, or even if that is proved that he is a disciple there is no evidence that he wrote Panchapadika.  We cannot necessarily rely on the Shankara Digvijayas for the reason that they seldom have uniformity in even material issues.
  It may seem ridiculous to say that after Sureshvarachaya, no one but only SSS "discovered" the mulavidya intrusion,   but what i am trying to say is that, side by side, this might also have been a thin murmer from the Acharya's time, but given prominance in a systematic way by SSS.   It cannot be dismissed that before SSS's time, the scholars all had a peculiar way of explaining things using so much of Nyaya dialects, especially the Navya Nyaya one - and they might have not gone into these fundemental questions.  One cannot dismiss that SSS has certain good questions which dont have a convincing answers even today.  He has a convincing answer for them however.

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