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Tue Sep 5 18:59:53 CDT 2006

A summary of chapter 1 of jIvanmuktiviveka of svAmi vidyAraNya has been
posted on my website http://www.geocities.com/snsastri  under Vedanta Part
II. The following description of a jIvanmukta is from this summary.
  The Jivanmukta is one for whom this phenomenal world, in which he moves
and acts, has ceased to exist. In the case of an ordinary person, his mind
reacts to the various forms in the world and gives him knowledge of their
variety and their differences from one another. But the mind of the
Jivanmukta does not get so transformed and so he does not see differences,
but sees all forms only as Brahman. In deep sleep the mind does not undergo
any transformation, but the seed for transformation remains. So sleep cannot
be equated with the state of Jivanmukti. The Jivanmukta remains unaffected
by both pleasure and pain. He is not elated by something good happening, nor
is he depressed when a calamity occurs. He does not crave for anything, but
subsists on whatever comes of its own accord. Though his senses function and
can experience everything, his mind is absolutely calm and does not react to
anything. Though his eyes see everything before him, his mind does not judge
them as good or bad, favourable or unfavourable and so he is free from
agitation and attachment or aversion. The senses themselves do not cause any
harm. It is the mind which judges what is experienced by the senses and
develops likes and dislikes in the case of an ordinary person. Since the
mind of the Jivanmukta does not make any such judgment, he is free from all
attachment and aversion. Because of the absence of transformation of the
mind, the Jivanmukta is free from Vasanas. His mind always remains pure. He
never looks upon himself as a doer of actions since he does not identify
himself with the body-mind complex which alone performs all actions.
Consequently he is neither elated nor depressed by the good or bad results
of the actions. Others do not have any reason to fear him, because he never
insults or harms others in any way. He is also not afraid of any one. He
remains unaffected even if some wicked man insults or harasses him. He does
not distinguish people as friend or foe. Though full of learning, he never
exhibits it. His mind is absolutely free from worldly thoughts and is always
fixed on contemplation of the Self. He remains cool even in matters
concerning himself, just as a man attending a marriage or other ceremony in
another's house remains unaffected by the gain or loss of that other person.
This coolness is due not only to his freedom from worry, but also to his
awareness of the fullness of his own Self. These are the characteristics of
the Jivanmukta.

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