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Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 4 20:27:24 CDT 2006

> I completely abide by your advice to wind up my argument on Appaya
> Dikshitha, but clinging on to my stand. I also agree on you said that the
> topic is out of scope as far as the list is concerned. I was compelled to
> throw my opinion on the issue without having the tolerance to witness
> misconceptions transcending the list. I realized that I deserve to be
> condemned for voicing against misconception for not exercising thithiksa
> prescribed our Adi Sankara. Besides my winding up the issue, I would like to
> know whether your disclaimer would apply for those who talk about 'shaNmatha
> ' business here, which I suppose is out of scope either. Kindly clarify on
> this regard please!  All that I wish to point out to those who propound
> 'ShaNmatha' in the name of advaita is BG  verse that said ' BahushAkA
> hyAnantAsca buddhayO vyavasAyinam' – the uncultivated buddhi wanders in all
> directions behind innumerale aims, while 'vyavasAyAtmika buddhir Eka
> kuru-nandana' – intellects direct buddhi singly towards one ideal alone.

I do not see anything in the BG verse 2.41 or its commentary by our Acharya that goes against
the tradition of shaNmata in the living advaita tradition. People without a resolute mind (avyavasAyi)
are those who can't make up their minds and are not able to understand the knowledge generated by
the right means of knowledge (pramANa-janita buddhi rahita).

There is no such thing as a shaNmata 'busiiness'. There is a strong tradition that Sankara and his
successors systematized the worship of the various major deities as a way for ordinary people to follow
and thereby target themselves to the goal of moksha. If you feel that this tradition is mistaken, please
note that it is easier for one person to get confused than for an entire tradition that is widespread across
India. Please note that the title shaNmata sthApanAcArya is an old one for Sankara himself. To that extent,
discussions on shaNmata fall within the scope of the list.


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