[Advaita-l] reply to the note

Antharyami sathvatha at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 09:45:54 CDT 2006

Hari Om,

Namsate Shri Vidya shankar ji,

I completely abide by your advice to wind up my argument on Appaya
Dikshitha, but clinging on to my stand. I also agree on you said that the
topic is out of scope as far as the list is concerned. I was compelled to
throw my opinion on the issue without having the tolerance to witness
misconceptions transcending the list. I realized that I deserve to be
condemned for voicing against misconception for not exercising thithiksa
prescribed our Adi Sankara. Besides my winding up the issue, I would like to
know whether your disclaimer would apply for those who talk about 'shaNmatha
' business here, which I suppose is out of scope either. Kindly clarify on
this regard please!  All that I wish to point out to those who propound
'ShaNmatha' in the name of advaita is BG  verse that said ' BahushAkA
hyAnantAsca buddhayO vyavasAyinam' – the uncultivated buddhi wanders in all
directions behind innumerale aims, while 'vyavasAyAtmika buddhir Eka
kuru-nandana' – intellects direct buddhi singly towards one ideal alone.





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