[Advaita-l] stotra ending in UmA MaheshwarAya Namah

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Mon Oct 30 21:47:41 CST 2006

Namasthey. I have a request question to the learned team here.. If
this question is out of place here, the moderators may please delete
this question from this listing. My request is below.

Recently I attended one Rudra Ekadasi function (prior to
Sashtiabdhapoorthy) wherein all the participants were asked by the
Sastrigal to do 13 namaskarams i.e. while reciting some slokas &
wherein everytime the Sastrigal Team complete the stotra para with
"UmA MaheshwarAya Namah", we have to do one namaskaram... Like that
13 Namaskarams. Pl let me know what is the stotra name ? Can this be
recited in the daily puja by anyone? Is this available to me in any
Tamil Font? Can you please email to me in any pdf/scan file in tamil
font or send me the link if available in the net?

Hare Krishna

These *trayOdasha* namaskAra maNtra-s come in mahanyAsAdi maNtra as a part
of rudrArchana vidhi....after maNgala nIrAjana & maNtra pushpa,  we do
recite these maNtra-s & at the end of each maNtra we say *uma mahEshwarAya
namaH or sAmba paramEshwarAya namaH namaskAraM samarpayAmi* .  Kindly check
whether Ramakrishna Ashram at Chennai has published this mahAnyAsAdi
maNtrAH book in Tamil...Here in Bangalore we have that book in Kannada

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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