[Advaita-l] Re: Swami Sachchidanandendra Sarasvati

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rama.balasubramanian at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 14:19:17 CST 2006

I was off on travel most of last week and didn't check mail.

I didn't make any claims about being a teacher or a sampradaayavit
(unlike SSS and his disciples), did I? If anyone claims I am the
sampradaayavit who enlightened him/her/it, let it be known that
he/she/it is an imposter :-).

We have relatively low-level HR employees checking the credentials of
potential employees here at the company I work. Suppose a guy who
claims to have a Ph.D comes to interview with us, and is asked by this
lower-level human-resources worker for his degree certificate, so that
HR can xerox it for book-keeping. How do you think the interviewee
would respond to the HR worker?

a. Do you have a Ph.D?
b. Here's my Ph.D degree certificate.

I think any sane fellow will follow b. If it pleases you, consider me
the the low-level HR employee with a 12th grade education and SSS as
the person claiming to have a Ph.D.


On 10/24/06, K Kathirasan   NCS <kkathir at ncs.com.sg> wrote:
> Namaste Ramaji,
> I must emphasise that I have learnt a lot from your posts in this list.
> However, for the sake of clarity with regards to what you have mentioned
> earlier (quoted below), may I know with whom did you learn Vedanta from?
> Is he/she a Brahmavit/Sampradayavit? If your views are to be taken as
> authoritative, shouldn't we use the same yardstick so that we can also
> better appreciate your views?
> Om Shanti
> Kathirasan

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