[Advaita-l] proper method of worshiping right-trunked Ganesh murti

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Mon Oct 30 11:09:57 CST 2006

While catching up with email, I noticed this question which I do not have 
the answer to.  If you can assist Shri Haridas, please do so but remember 
to CC him on your response as he is not a member of the list.

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From: Haridas Bimal Krushna Patnaik <hbkpatnaik at gmail.com>

Dear Sirs,

We have a idol of Lord Ganesha installed with other dieties in our place of
worship. We do a very simple pooja every day i.e in the morning & the
evening with simple prayers. Off late I have noticed that the Ganapati idol
(Metal) installed is a right trunked one in sitting position. My friends
have told me that this type of Ganapati Idol would require special worship.

So far We have been doing a very simple pooja only, please let us know the
exact method to  worship this type of Ganapati idol. We would be extremely
grateful if you can give us this information.

Best regards,
HBK Patnaik.

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