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praNAms Sri Karthik prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I.e. trace of vAsanAs still remain in this BrahmaGYAnI who has
attained BrahmaGYAna with infirm qualifications. Only these
BrahmaGYAnIs will have to practise vAsanAkshaya to attain mukti.

>  Here it is implied that all brahmajnAni-s are not it not

(a) brahmajnAni + vAsana = Not mukti
(b) brahmanjnAni - vAsana = mukti

kindly clarify whether (a) type of brahmajnAni who has vAsana-s or avidyA
lEsha is jnAni in an absolute sense...obviously, IMHO,  these bramajnAni-s
pertain to (a) are not brahman in absolute sense..coz. shruti is clear
after brahmajnAna *bhidhyate hrudaya grantiM, chidyante sarva
saMshayAH...sadyO mukti is what emphasized here for category (b) I

Karthik prabhuji :

VidyAraNya considers objections like the ones you have given above,
where quotes from scripture seem to indicate that "knowledge of
Brahman destroys ignorance completely", and his reply is that this
refers to those who have attained BrahmaGYAna with firm

bhaskar :

prabhuji, I am not clear here...kindly clarify whether there are two types
of brahmajnAni-s like below ??

(a) one is who attained brahmajnAna with firm qualification who does not
have any vAsana & has realized his true nature without any trace of avidya

(b) another one  who is attained *mere brahmajnAna* (is it mere
intellectual understanding of shAstra vAkya or something special than it)
with the residual avidyA in him??

I  dont know how  (b) canbe classified as brahmajnAna/i  in an absolute
sense....if  (b)  is not belongs to brahma jnAni in absolute sense as
declared by shruti  then what is the point here  that needs to be discussed
??  We can easily conclude (b) is the process involved in absolute
brahmajnAna i.e. krama mukti as prescribed for manda & madhya
adhikAri-s...for which I believe Sri SSS does not  have any
objection...prabhuji, am I missing something here?? pls. clarify

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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