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Mon Oct 30 03:28:58 CST 2006

The verdict by arbitrators: The arbitrators decided in favor of the
sampradAya school, agreeing that in the matter of mUlAvidyA, the cause of
saMsAra as accepted in the advaita sampradAya and made clear in the
prasthanatraya bhAShyas and the vArtikas, the sampradAya view is the right


Hare Krishna

On the contrary, I have a small book let in Kannada *mUlAvidyA vimarsheya
vimarshe* by Sri JnananandEndra Saraswati (pUrvAshrama : Sri Vittala
shAstri) in which there is a debate on *mUlAvidyA* between the author &
some pundit in Sringeri before the august presence of H.H. Sri Abhinava
vidyAtIrtha mahAswaminaH...there in that book at the end  it has been said
that the conclusion was not in favour  of *mUlAvidya vAdins* ....This
accounted debate runs into 20-25 pages which is  purely based on shankara's
sUtra bhAshya & sureshwara's bruhad vArtika..

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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