[Advaita-l] Re: Pa~nchapAdikAchArya

venkata subramanian venkat_advaita at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 25 11:22:07 CDT 2006

   But today the Shankara's Bhashyas and the Upanishads are
available in writing. Are we to still maintain that an Uttama Adhikari
will still be unable to gain Brahmajnana through the study of these
texts independently? 

No Kathiresan Ji, i dont think we can ever take this position. whatever it is, even with all books, cassettes, one has to learn from his Guru, i dont think that can ever have any other substitute.   The Guru gives not only the Upadesa of the "words", he gives more than that, which a book or a cassette cannot.
  Sringeri Jagadgurus are very clearly mentioning this again and again in their upadesha.  i dont think any one can question that.

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Sadgurubhyo Namah.
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