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Siva Senani Nori sivasenani at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 01:17:34 CDT 2006

Siddhartha gaaru

Thanks for pointing out views of SrimanmadhvAchArya from his tAtparyanirNayasindhu. It is very interesting to know these condemnations. To me that shows the AchArya's boldness, an attempt to speak his mind without being fettered by established conventions, a supreme confidence that his knowledge is right; and the fact that seven hundred years down the road those positions are not held mainstream tells another story.

I am no authority on Advaita Vedanta or the Mahabharata but from whatever I heard (almost all the learned people I heard from - directly or indirectly - were staunch advaitins), both droNAchArya and bhIshma were seen to be doing broadly the right thing. Between the two, droNAchArya is criticized slightly - especially w.r.t. the ekalavya episode, but bhishma is not, even when he "wins" the three brides - amba, ambalika, and ambika (is it?) - for his brothers. I think even outside the large sphere of influence of Advata, a similar position is maintained: That most woderful of eulogies, reverred by all matas - Sri Vishnusahasranama - is attributed to bhishma. And, the Government of India - no bastion of the orthodox - instituted an honour after droNA and arjuna but not, say, karNa. (On the last point, I am not too sure if GoI's actions should be held as a pramANa, lest the other acts like the actual selection of the various awardees be held to show that its actions are not
 beyond reproach.)

On a slightly different note, knowing about dharma from Ramayana and Mahabharata is an excellent idea - indeed, according to elders, that is the very reason that these epics were recorded. When I first approached my uncle many years back to know the meaning of vedas, he wanted to know the reason. I told him that I wanted to know dharma, understand what is right, and what is not. He asked me to study the two epics first. Shamefully, I have not yet done that (the full versions), but due to the efforts of the list members, I am knowing some of the less explored points of view. Thanks a lot.


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