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On 10/16/06, venkata subramanian <venkat_advaita at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Ramaji,
>   since you have asked this question earlier also- , i think i can also answer this.
>   He had his intitiation (Bhashya Shanthi) from Jagadguru Sri Sachidananda Shivabhinava Narasimha Bharathi Mahaswamigal.
>   He studied under Hanagal Brahmasri Virupaksha Shastrigal and K.A. Krishna Swamy Iyer.
>   He had his Samnyasa from Sri Bodanandendra Saraswathi Swamigal (hence the title Indra Saraswathi).
>   This is what i study from his life history.

Dear Sri Venkat,

I also read that he went through high school and some one taught him
physics, Newtons laws, etc. I am afraid the above has as much
relevance as the Newtons laws he learned at school.

While Sureshvara disagrees with Sankara (in a few places), it is
absolutely 100% clear that he considered shankara a brahmavit and that
his own j~naana was due to approaching shankara. Sureshvaar disagrees
with him about who can take sannyaasa, but is also clear that shankara
is a brahmavit. So you can disagree in some points in exegesis with a
brahmavit, but you cannot call him a blind man. In any case, is your
contention that either Virupaksha Sastri or Swami Sivabhinava
Narasimha Bharati were the brahmavits he approached? If they were,
then they accepted the pa~ncapaadika and they were brahmavits anyway.
So what is the harm in using the pa~ncapaadika? But actually that's
not the situation, no? SSS considered all these people blind! So he
was repudiating the fact they could be brahmavits. So the question
remains: which brahmavit did he approach?

>   By the way, i fully agree with you that tradition is not got by book reading.   But is it not a fact that this Swamigal has read in the traditional way under Gurus.  he never book read himself....

Actually this is repudiated directly by his direct disciple in a
publication by the kaaryaalaya itself. Mr Gangolli claims that all
these people did not understand shankara, and it was SSS (with some
help from Krishnaswamy Iyer) who did it all by himself.


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