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  Does this but include the right for the student to correct himself from the aberration of the guru ?  I dont mean an apachara here.
  also, if the guru says something, to what extent does the student has any right to have his own thinking.  is it that because it is sampradaya, he does not have any right to his view.  
  just for my right understanding and not for an altercation.  
Ramesh Krishnamurthy <rkmurthy at gmail.com> wrote:
a saMpradAya is a guru-SiShya lineage over time - with
SiShya-s becoming guru-s and teaching further SiShya-s, and so forth.

A comparison can be made with the word 'kula'. You belong to the same
kula as your father, your grandfather and so forth. Similarly, a
SiShya belongs to the same sampradaya as his guru, his guru's guru and
so forth.

Transmission of teachings through a sampradaya is a very important
feature of all the Hindu schools. In modern usage, the word sampradaya
is often used very loosely to mean 'denomination' or 'sect', but
strictly speaking, this usage is not correct.

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