[Advaita-l] SrI sUkta for shoDasopachAra

Madhava Havyavahana hvyvhn at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 12 22:23:55 CDT 2006

pranams to all
  i would like to add that most of the temples here in bangalore too follow the same procedure of using purusha & sri suktham for the shodashopachara and this is how i have also been taught the devatarchana vidhi.Also various  standard books like the
  "Rigvedeeya devataarchanam" published by 'shri mutt' , hariharapura prescribe the same procedure.
  hari om.

"V. Krishnamurthy" <profvk at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Namaste all

This is just to inform you all that as per my father's upadesha in 1953
I have been using both Purushasuktam and Shrisuktam in the
shodashopacharapuja in the daily panchayatanapuja as well as in the
special pujas on Shri Rama Navami, Janmashtami, Navaratri puja,
Vinayakachaturthi Shivaratrietc. - though on these special days other
shlokas relevant to the particular deity (even these shlokas are not
what is printed commonly in books for these pujas. My father has
advaita-oriented shlokas for each occasion) are added for every
upachara. But the main mantras I use are an interweaving of the Purusha
suktam with the Shri suktam. It goes like this:

1. sahasra-sIrshhA purushhaH .... atyatishhTad-dashAngulaM;
hiraNyavarNAm hariNIM.....jAtavedo ma Avaha. This is for AvAhanaM
2. purushha evedagum sarvaM .... yadannenAtirohati; tAM ma Avaha
jAtavedo ... gAmashvam purushhAnahaM This is for AsanaM

This goes on for all the shodashopachAra like this.

PraNAms to all

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