[Advaita-l] Age/History of Sankara

Karthik Subramanian karthikvathula at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 11 13:47:32 CDT 2006

"I had to use harsh language to deter the so called sringeri 
protagonists and which to a large extent I did succeed as they had nothing to offer but irresponsible devotion."
  What a wonderful way to achieve success. I compliment you, sir. Yes, the only reason I kept quiet and did not reply to your mail was because of your "admitted" way of using harsh language and also because of your unwillingness to receive even general information.
  "irresponsible devotion, ill-placed devotion" - What profound words. Won't these apply to you also? You've been fiercely fending all mails, irrespective of their content and in what tone? Vijay Kartik wrote that the Kanchi Paramacharyal never visited Kaladi once. Where's your reply for that?
  You say Shankara Jayanthi was celebrated before 1910. Please give sources of these celebrations. You ask for sources. Kindly provide sources before you ask others for the same.
  By the way, how come and why the Kamakoti Peetam/Mutt is referred to as Sharada Mutt in its Birudavali?
  Another thing - "to the 70 bramachari acharyas of the kudali," - are you sure that all the Acharyas of the Kudali parampara came directly from the Brahmacharya ashrama?
  And which Kudali Parampara are you referring to? There exists two factions, each claiming to be the authentic one. Which is the one that you are speaking about?
  It is not wise to throw stones outside while remaining within a glass house.

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