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On 10/9/06, Vidyasankar Sundaresan <svidyasankar at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Vidyasankar
> ps. By the way, there are quite a few maThas in southern Maharashtra and
> Karnataka, which were established as branches from Sringeri over the last
> four or five centuries, many of which have the name Sringeri appended in
> their names. These include Karavir (Kolhapur, Maharashtra), Sankeshwar
> (Belgaum, Karnataka), Kudali (Shimoga, Karnataka), Avani (Kolar,
> Karnataka),
> Virupaksha (near Hampi, Bellary, Karnataka) etc.
> _____

Please kindly give the name of any of the acaryas or the mutt names of any
of the above mutt which have sringeri appended in their names.

All the mutts which you have mentioned above are independent mutts. The
story goes that Adi sankara had not 4 disciples but many disciples who were
travelling with him. So the small peethas which one can notice are some of
the many which his disciples establised.

As regards kudali, what I have heard for the moment is that as per the
saying - a mutt was establised in the banks of tunga and bhadra which is
exactly where the kudali mutt is located. Further Goddess Saraswati stopped
at the same place when adi sankara turned back not hearing the sound of her
anklets. So in Kudali mutt, one can find a standing saraswati idol which is
where she stood - not a sitting idol.

Most important Kudali Guru parampara also boosts of almost 70 acharyas so
how can they become a upa-peetham to sringeri ?

Yours truly
B. Shridhar

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