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>From an old tamil dictionary work  i find even Kumbakonam Math mentioned in this list of branches of Sringeri.

Vidyasankar Sundaresan <svidyasankar at hotmail.com> wrote:

>Below is an historical question (no other intention except to know
>more of the history):
>Kudali shankara mutt was the center of Sri Ramakrishnans email
>sometime ago. I wonder if the above excerpt refers to the same Kudali
>mutt. Was this mutt also a branch of sringeri or did it have a line of
>teachers independent of the sringeri mutt?
>See quote below in the links:

For the sake of the historical record, the Kudali maTha has two competing 
lineages. I don't know when the split started, but one of the two lineages 
declared that Kudali was the "real" Sringeri maTha. This was the one that 
produced a sannyAsin who forged currency and got caught.

The other lineage in Kudali considers itself a branch from the Sringeri 
paramparA. Sri Hanagal Virupaksha Sastry, who became a sannyAsin later in 
his life, belonged to this one. Sri Virupaksha Sastry stood in a unique 
position of both teacher and disciple with respect to the Sringeri lineage.

The split in the Kudali lineage continues to date. Some authors who are 
confused about all this or else want to deliberately confuse their readers 
claim that there is a lineage dispute in Sringeri. They refer only to this 
Kudali dispute.


ps. By the way, there are quite a few maThas in southern Maharashtra and 
Karnataka, which were established as branches from Sringeri over the last 
four or five centuries, many of which have the name Sringeri appended in 
their names. These include Karavir (Kolhapur, Maharashtra), Sankeshwar 
(Belgaum, Karnataka), Kudali (Shimoga, Karnataka), Avani (Kolar, Karnataka), 
Virupaksha (near Hampi, Bellary, Karnataka) etc.

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