[Advaita-l] Unreal Can Point to the Real - parables of Sringeri Acharyal

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Thu Oct 5 22:50:18 CDT 2006

(From the book: 'Edifying Parables' of HH
Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Vidyateertha Mahaswamigal
published by Sri Vidyateertha Foundation, Chennai)

Unreal Can Point to the Real

A person went to sleep. He soon had a dream in which he
beheld himself being chased by a ferocious tiger. Since the tiger
was by far swifter than him, the distance between them shrank
rapidly. He was overcome with fear. So terrified was he that he
abruptly woke up, his forehead wet with perspiration. The tiger
seen by him in the dream was undoubtedly unreal. However, it
was instrumental in bringing about a real effect,awakening.

Some people raise this objection : "According to the Advaitins, the
world is illusory and Brahman alone is real. If so,
the teachings of the Vedas, which are included in the cosmos,
should be unreal. Hence, they cannot produce true knowledge.
Consequently, Advaita philosophy, which is based on the Vedas,
should be worthless.". This objection is invalid.

Advaitins speak of the unreality of the world only from
the standpoint of the Absolute. From an empirical standpoint,
the world and the Vedas do exist.

Another reply of the Advaitins is that an unreal object can,
as in the example considered earlier, lead to the real.

Hence, though being illusory, the Vedas
can bring about enlightenment and, thereby, establishment in
the Supreme.

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