[Advaita-l] Age/History of Sankara

vijay kartik vijaykartik_2004 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 4 01:39:49 CDT 2006

Antarkar's writings are not free from bias. So to quote him as a basis for any assertions would not strengthen any views.
  One hates to say this, but certainly a lot of "sponsored research" was conducted and published in the last century on some of these topics relating to Sankara's life.
  Lots of new theories and evidence was brought out suddenly in the last century ,each one of these reports reinforcing what another research report said. The irony is, a lot of these reports sought to bring versions of Sankara's life almost unknown till that time.
  The added irony is that, anyone who tries to highlight the conflicts of these reports with accepted traditions/ known history is branded as negative and narrow-minded.
  Vijay Kartik

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