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Siva Senani Nori sivasenani at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 3 00:34:46 CDT 2006

  I perfectly understand what you mean, and may be to an extent how you feel; but I do not think it is fair that you allege Sri Vidyasankar is raising issues of authenticity of various mutts, and that he should refute from doing so.
  Firstly, Sri Vidyasankara's post about the history of Sankara has nothing objectionable, especially since he added a point that one should look at one's "own" institution from a similar viewpoint. The broad principles listed by him are perfectly valid and any acharya or disciple who establishes the "authenticity" of his mutt would do so following those prinicples fully.
  Secondly, many might have respect for Sri Vidyasankar's profound knowledge and might dearly wish he would not attack their "own" institution; but that does not mean those views should not be aired by him or that the list should hold him to different standards (I mean, just look at the debate on SSS).
  Finally, if one does not want to raise an issue, the best way is to remain silent, especially in a situation such as the present one where no offending remark had been made. If A offers unsolicited advice that B should refer to such and such for a better understanding of the issue at hand, that is a sure way to start a discussion of the issue.
  For the record, I belong to a family which subscribes neither to the Sringeri Mutt nor to the Kanchi Mutt.

B Shridhar <kameshwarii at gmail.com> wrote:
  Dear Sir,

I have been a late commer to this esteemed site and to make up I have been
visiting the archives and the discussions on Advaita has been more thought
provoking and interesting with so many learned contributors.

I have had the occassion of reading an earlier article by Sri Vidyasankar
Sundaresan when he has been openly critical of the Kanchi mutt while being a
disciple of Sringeri mutt. I had felt the need to respond to his earlier
article but then as it was old, I felt it more inappropriate to take this
subject. But seems by this latest article he has once again started
indirectly raising issues of authenticity of the various mutts which I feel
is unwarranted. I would like to request him from refrain from such activity
as Advaitam is the subject for which this site has been created. In case he
wants to understand history and authencity of the Kanchi mutt, he should
read a research paper on "kanchi mutt - a myth or a reality" by WR Antharkar
published by the Bandarkar insitute, pune. Every one does understand what
Sri Vidyasankar is driving at with his logic on the Age of Sankara.

Everyone is happy with their own gurus and the mutts they represent and the
best would be to let them be that way.

Your Truly,

B. Shridhar

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