[Advaita-l] manifested and non-manifested

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« avyAkRita » : Can we say thinking is avyAkRita (non-manifested) ? Some 
says all thoughts have tiny electric neuronal impulses in the brain.

If we cannot say that, what is the avyAkRita ?

Also, is « asambhUti » a synonym of « avyAkRita » ?


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> A.Siddhartha Reddy wrote on 29 May 2006: "Shankara himself agrees that
> even
> a hundred shruti statements
> cannot make fire cold." Which work of Samkara records this?
>  Also, while talking to a Vaishnava friend of mine, he was mentioning how
> Narayana is a proper name and not a title because of the "second" na used
> at
> the end  (in accordance with a grammatical rule of Panini). He also
> mentioned that Appaya Dikshita gave up on establishing the Siva
> Sarvottamatva because of this. Could someone provide more background on
> the
> grammatical issues involved and the source for Appaya Dikshita's
> statement?
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> The statement of Sankara appears in his bhAshya on Bhagavad GItA, 18.66.
> The
> statement is: "Even a hundred Vedic statements cannot become valid if they
> say that fire is cold or non-luminous. If a Vedic text says that fire is
> cold or non-luminous, one should assume that the intended meaning of the
> text is different, for otherwise its validity cannot be maintained. One
> should not interpret it in such a way as to contradict some other valid
> means of knowledge".
> Several different derivations have been given for the word 'Narayana' in
> Sankara's bhAshya on Vishnu sahasranAma and in SrImad BhAgavata Sk.10,
> ch.14.
> I do not know whether these are what Shri Reddy has in mind.
> Appayya Dikshita has clarified in one sloka that he never had any bias
> against Vishnu. The translation of the sloka is: "Let the purport of the
> Upanishads be Vishnu or Siva. We who are adherents of Advaita Vedanta have
> certainly no quarrel about that. But my effort is only to break the
> perverted arguments of those whose minds are consumed by the blazing fire
> of
> hatred of Siva. Let it not be thought, on this ground, that I harbour
> hatred
> against Vishnu".
> S.N.Sastri
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