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> Namaste all,
>          Could someone point out the sources for the following
> statements:
> -- In this post by Anand Hudliji,
> he says "Shankara himself agrees that even a hundred shruti
> statements
> cannot make fire cold." Which work of Samkara records this?

The GItA Bhaashhya 18.66:


> -- Also, while talking to a Vaishnava friend of mine, he was
> mentioning how
> Narayana is a proper name and not a title because of the "second"
> na used at
> the end  (in accordance with a grammatical rule of Panini). He also
> mentioned that Appaya Dikshita gave up on establishing the Siva
> Sarvottamatva because of this. Could someone provide more
> background on the
> grammatical issues involved and the source for Appaya Dikshita's
> statement?
> Thanks.
> A.Siddhartha.
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