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On Sun, 21 May 2006, Sylvain wrote:

> Namaste
> I wish to know ...
> ... if the bhedAbheda and dvaitAdavaita are directly linked (from the same 
> school).

No bhedabheda is associated with a pre-Shankaran Vedantin called 
Bhratrprapancha whose works are no longer available except in quotes
Shankaracharya and Sureshvaracharya who heavily criticize him, and 
Bhaskara Mishra who is maybe one generation after Shankaracharya.  His 
Brahmasutra and Gita bhashyas are available in fragments.  Neither of them 
left a sampradaya of disciples.

Dvaitadvaita is the philosophy of Nimbarka (c. 12th century AD) whose 
sampradaya still exists today.  It is afaik basically the same as 
bhedabheda but was independently discovered.

Also the followers of Chaitanya (14th century but most of the philosophy 
of his school was by later members especially in this case the 18th 
century Baladeva.) claim to follow something called Achintya Bhedabeda, 
which owes something to dvaitavaita and dvaita as well as some original 

> ... if these doctrines are accepted by advaitins.

No.  The central idea of all these schools is that the atma and Brahman 
are not identical.

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