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Namaste Lakshmiji,
                 Thanks a lot for the grammar books information. It is really a great source of information. I was trying from long to get a good one, maybe now is the time. I will be starting my search soon. Thanks a lot again.

Lakshmi Muthuswamy <lakmuthu at yahoo.com> wrote:
  namaste Manish,

There are many books available in the market. But it
depends on the student's level and requirement.

1. First book of sanskrit By Shri Ramakrishna Gopal
Bhandarkar. For beginners.
2. Second book by the saem author for advanced study
3. A higher sanskrit Grammar by M R Kale. Its a reference
book. A must for all students of Samskritam
4.BAMS sanskrit Grammar for the students of aYURVEDA. Its a
new introduction in the market. 
5. New Model Sanskrit Grammar - Sanskrit education Society
Madras. in two parts.
6. A sansktir mannual by B Antoine part I ans Part II

There are simpler versions also available by various
publishers. the above mentioned are the recommended ones.

om namonarayanaya
Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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