[Advaita-l] « big bang » and « big crunch »

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According to my the very limited intellectual spiritual information, the 
cosmologic theory of « big bang / big crunch » representing an eternal prAna 
of material existence is very similar with pralaya (big crunch), kalpa, 
yuga, manvantara, etc.

Is this cosmology treated in advaita vedanta ?


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> Annapureddy Siddhartha Reddy <annapureddy at gmail.com> wrote:
>  -- Here is one problem I see with this explanation. Why introduce any 
> Isvara
> to explain this world? Maybe the combination of big-bang (or string 
> theory) + evolution + some other theories is good-enough to explain why 
> the world is the way it is.
>  Saluations!
>  Here, I speak on my own, without referring to traditional views: Who was 
> the agent of the big bang? Let's say, some entity - to me that entity is 
> God or god. If the big bang was a purely random event, even then, that out 
> of the probable infinite possibilities (a small wimper, a super globule 
> forever contracting into a black hole, or most probably nothing), that big 
> bang actually happened is, to me, perfectly tenable as the realisation of 
> god's will. (Qualifier: All this strictly from the relative view-point, as 
> opposed to the Absolute view-point).
>  None of this answers 'why introduce Isvara' - many would be happy with 
> the big bang being a random event, and not bothering about somebody's will 
> being realised and all that. Sruti is the pramANa for Isvara's existence.
> -- Another problem is this assumption that Isvara has some special role 
> for
> humans in this world. For example, all the creation theories which say 
> that men descended from Manu, when all evidence seems to point to the 
> evolution of men from apes.
>  - I believe our tradition does not differentiate between humans and 
> non-humans. The PaSupati is the Lord of all world. This is not to say that 
> our ancestors somehow anticipated Darwin and his ilk and all that - just 
> that Isvara is the master of all.
>  There are other arguments as well 'disproving the vedic religion'. For 
> instance, performance of putrakaameshTi does not always result in birth of 
> sons; the sacred peeThams and temples cannot escape destruction at the 
> hands of the impure (mlechchas); in short, as is said in Telugu - 
> mantraalaki chintakaayalu raalavu - (reciting mantras does not give the 
> tamarind fruit: some action is required). The answer is usually not the 
> direct experiment, the gold standard of modern science. It, rather, is an 
> involved explanation of how the old was gold, how things were perfect in 
> the kritayuga, and how decline from there was inevitable - kaaladharmam - 
> how great people gradually lost the power to curse (the favourite 
> shop-talk of many brahmins - and not how the power to realise Brahman was 
> lost) - and how we will degenerate into total annihilation and how there 
> would be a new creation.
>  Regards
>  Senani
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