[Advaita-l] RM and shaMkara - part 2 (was Re: doubt on the role of shruti vAkyAs)

jagannathan mahadevan jagannathan.mahadevan at gmail.com
Sun May 21 11:44:41 CDT 2006

namaskAram LakShmI ji

Thank you very much for the thoughts.

> Once one is on the track, the path automatically leads in
> the right direction.

This is similar to my thoughts as well. I too feel that the path to
understanding the self and sAkShAtkAram is very cleary laid out in the
tradition (sankara parampara). However, sometimes I do get a doubt
whether the svaDharmAnuShTaNa is really taking place. This is probably
due to my incomplete understanding of what constitutes svaDharma.

I will definitely visit the website address you had given me. I am
aware of Swami Dayanandji of the AVG.


> Have you come across this book "Tattva Bodhah". This is
> like a primer. This book in lucid clear siple language
> explains the basic princilpes of vedanta. discusses in
> detail the Sadhana chatushtayam. This book is usually
> taught before we commence the study of other texts.
> My teacher used to say that the content of this book with
> theior meanings understood should at the tip` of the
> tongue.
> Well its yet to happen for me.
> For your information the Chinmaya Mission has published
> with commentary by Chinmayaji, and Arsha vidya gurukulam
> also has published this book.
> You can get lectures on cds by Swami Dayanandaji and
> Paramarthaji in MP3 cds at Shastra prakashika trust
> Chennai. They have website in the same name.
> I have been doing shravanam for the last 5 years without a
> break but still......there is a long way to go. Its just
> not one factor that one finger can be pointed out but very
> many.
> Well our scriptures say "No problem" It takes janmas to
> attain. Its a consolation, no pressures or hurry. We keep
> putting in our continuous effort with shraddha. What I
> deserve just happens.
> om namo Narayanaya
> Lakshmi Muthuswamy
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