[Advaita-l] Devas Adhikara, Rama and Sambuka

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Please read the chapters 73 - 76 of Uttara khAndA of
Valmiki Ramayana.
ch 73. A brahmana arrives at the palace gates of Rama. he
is carrying the dead body of his son and laments and blames
the king for the death of his son.

ch 74. Devarishi Narada explains the cause for this
apamrithyu  of the Brahmanas son. The cause being the
unauthoriused practice of penance with no adhikara by a

ch 75. Sri Rama goes around his empire in the aerial car of
kubera, ir order to trace this unrighteous sudra. Rama
finds him practising penance in the southern direction.

Ch 76. Killing of the sudra by Sri rama and coming back to
life of the Brahmanas son.

All these chapters have to be read to get a clear picture
of the episode.

This episode piucturises the extent to which the rules of
the  varna ashrama dharma was adhered to during Ramarajya.
The gurus were so powerful that they could even identify
the cause too and immediate action for correction is also

"Every thing has a place in ith jagat and its in its
place", this includes human beings also. Violation leads to
problems. Every Karma has a karma phala. This is the

Sri Rama is a personification of Dharma. Ramayana as an
itihasa has to be read, to understand the values rather
than as a story.

Every character stands for a value. Every episode is
portrayed with the larger perspective - Dharma in view.

For a person who is into vedanta, age, gender, class, caste
etc etc hardly ,matters. What matters is to look at
objectively - and understand the lakshyartha.

Om namo narayanaya
Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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