[Advaita-l] gUDArthadIpikA 4.35 question on a figure of speech

Lakshmi Muthuswamy lakmuthu at yahoo.com
Sat May 20 05:53:15 CDT 2006

> gUDhArthadIpikA, 
> under 4.35. sentence meaning Here MS says:
> yatpUrvoktam jnAnamAcAryairupadiSTaM jnAtvA prApya |
> odanapAkaM pacatItivaktasyaiva dhAto: sAmAnyavivakshayA
> prayogaha. |
> (Loosly, the first sentence is translated as – "knowing,
> having acquired, 
> that aforesaid
> knowledge instructed by the AcAryA"; the second sentence
> qualifies the verb 
> in the first
> one. It says, the verb should be treated as the figure of
> speech similar to 
> the sentence
> “cooking the boiling rice”)
> An attempt to decidpher the meaning of the second

odanam (rice)= dhAthoh sAmAnya (the ordinary regular usage
of the meaning of words or the rudyarthah)

pAkam(cooking)= Acharyaih upadishtham (Acharyas teaching)
pacati(cooking) = vivakshaya proygah( contextual meaning as
meant by the sashtrAs understood and vi+vaksh(well

vaktasya(the speaker's)= the student's

Rice can be well consumed on cooking.

Similarly when the Acharyas upadesha is well understood in
the lakshyArtha as meant by the sastras, not the rUdyartha
of the words, the vaktA/student who has gained the
knowledge/pakvam, can present and express well. 

"vacaneka daridrata" is not seen in such a student.

 It goes on to say –
 Na punarmohamevaM bandhuvadhAdinimittaM bhramaM yAsyasi
 (You will not be under such delusion again such as
 killing of relatives  etc.)
 Here again we dont take the actual meaning of the word as
The student has gained clarity because of Acharaya's
upadesham ,so he is never deluded or confused and there is
no fear. 

 The BG verse is 4.35:
> yajnAtvA na punarmohamevaM yAsyasi pANdava |
 yena bhUtAnyaSesheNa drakshyasyAtmanyatho mayi ||
I hope my attempt to explain the meaning is correct. I
stand to be corrected by the experts of the group.
om namo narayanaya 
lakshmi Muthuswamy
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