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Lakshmi Muthuswamy lakmuthu at yahoo.com
Wed May 17 10:43:26 CDT 2006

Namaste Sisenani,

I would like to share my understanding on Iswara in a few
mails. becz cannot be dealt with in one line.

To undersatnd Iswara we require a deeper understanding of 
Vyasti as an individual, how am I related to the samashti
the total?

It is not very difficult to see because as an individual, a
simple conscious being confined to this body-mind complex,
I am related to the total.

When ever I am related to the total I am ok. May be I am
not even aware of it, like a tree in the forest is always
related to the forest. there was never a time a given tree
is unrelated to the forest. It may have its own off spring,
a baby tree growing and related to that baby tree, it may
be a mother tree and at the same time the relationship with
the total does not get eclipsed.

But this is not the case with refernce to human
relationships. When one relates to ones parents one is a
son or daughter. When one relates to ones children one
becomes a father or mother. The son is totally replaced by
the father. the daughter is totally replaced by the mother.
But if there is one relationship that ever remains the
same, it is the relationship with the total.

Now let us see what is called the total.

One relates to the world which is given.The sun, moon, the
stars, the earth, the five elements, the galaxy are all
already there when one takes birth. its given. The parents
are also given. There is no choice to change ones parents.

one is born in a given place, brought up, studies, the
school , the teachers , friends, the siblings, the
contemporaray society, the aunts , uncles, culture, the
physical body, the colour of hair, eyes etc are all given.
Born as a small baby, the inbuilt programming for growth is
given. the oxygen needed to support this organism, the bio
energy that is needed is given,

There are three energies, the iccha shakthi the capacity to
desire, the kriya shakthi the capacity to do , the jnana
shakthi  are all given. The food to sustain, set of senses,
the mind to emote, the intellect to grasp and understand
and analyse, to explore, see and know and discover all
these are given.

One has freedom for ambitions and for desire. The thoughts
are also given.

So it is very clear that one finds oneself in a scheme of
things. A scheme of things that is known, a scheme of
things that is not known and a scheme of things that cannot
be known at all but they do exist. All the three put
together is the total.

Not only the things that are existing are given but
possibilities for newer things are also given.Like science
and technology,nuclear force, the software and the hard
ware the laws and the rules- all are possibiliities.

There is nothing that can be created by us nor can it be
destroyed. So this is the total.

Where do I stand, as an individual , in my relationship
with the total? 

will continue in the next
Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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