[Advaita-l] Devas Adhikara, Rama and Sambuka

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Mon May 15 17:58:42 CDT 2006

Shree Siva Senani garu,
        Namaskaaramu. Thanks a bunch for your response.
-- Just to make sure I understood it right -- Devas do not have the adhikara
for the Karma kanda because they have nothing to gain from it. But they do
have adhikara for the Jnana kanda (Just like the Brahmanas have no adhikara
for Rajasuya, but have the right for other sacrifices). Could you say a bit
more on the meaning of Devas being light, and hence adhikara being denied. I
did not understand the relationship between light and denial of adhikara.

Some inputs from my side on the other two issues:
-- It's only the Gaudiyas who hold the Bhagavata Purana supreme. For the
Dvaitins, the Prasthanatraya, Ithihasas, Pancharatra, Puranas are all
equally considered supreme. And the challenge lies in interpreting the
scriptures to provide samanvaya, i.e., they hold that none of these
scriptures contradict one another. Thus, the case for elevation of Sruti
over Smruti does not arise. Thus, a Smruti vakya can never contradict a
Sruti vakya (or vice versa) in Dvaita, if only you were to interpret it

-- Regarding the story of Shri Rama and Sambhuka, this is what I read in a
version of Ramayana (the author's name I do not remember :-( And also, I am
not even sure if that was a Valmiki Ramayana. Hence I was asking if it was
traditionally considered an authentic story.) Anyways, the story goes thus.
A Brahmana's son dies in Rama Rajya, and since it never happened that anyone
died prematurely in the reigh of Rama, the Brahmana complains to Rama that
some injustice is happening in his Rajya. Shri Rama (I guess on the counsel
of some Rishis, but I am not sure) ascends the Pushpaka vimana, and tours
his Rajya for traces of any violation of Dharma. He finds at last that there
was an ascetic (Sambhuka) practising severe austerities. Shri Rama enquires
about him, and Sambhuka replies, "I will speak the Truth. I am a Sudra by
name Sambhuka. I am practising these austerities to attain Indra loka with
this body (or, as I mentioned previously, to attain the position of Indra, I
am not sure what exactly he says)." Shri Rama then chops off his head, and
the Brahmana's son is returned to life.

-- Btw, I hope you tried other spellings for Sambhuka, like Sambuka etc.



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