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Sylvain elisabeth-sylvain at sympatico.ca
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For me "real" and "unreal" are more understandable if we mean ...
 "real" = unchangeable, eternal, Absolute
 "unreal = changeable, perishable, relative

In this context, the relative conscience of the vast majority of humans is 
"unreal", while "relative" is clearer to the mental (manas).

Is this compatible with advaita ?


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> Reddigaru
>  Namaskaramu. I understand what you said. But still I feel that both the 
> physical external world as well the inner Bhraman are real, atleat to 
> begin with (just as all the charactres& events in the dream appear real 
> untill u wakeup). Say in that anology of occean and waves, Only when you 
> go deeper and become aware that you are the occean itself (rise the level 
> to that level) you realise that you are that behind all without Birth or 
> death.Untill than it wud be just too thoritical to keep saying the waves 
> are just an illusion.
> Annapureddy Siddhartha Reddy <annapureddy at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Shree Viswanathanji,
> Namaskaaramu. Thanks for your responses to both my
> questions. Anyways, I feel that the analogy you gave does not represent 
> the
> Advaitic position (I will point out the reasons below). Please feel free 
> to
> refine your position or refute mine, if appropriate.
> The Advaita Vedantic position, AFAIK, asserts the unchangeable nature of
> Brahman, i.e., what we see as activity (the birth, decay, and death of the
> entities in the vyavaharika world) is regarded as ultimately unreal. 
> Without
> going into further details, your analogy contradicts this position by 
> saying
> that the world is indeed a real emanation from Brahman. In fact, the 
> analogy
> of waves rising from the ocean represents the BhedaBheda view of Bhaskara
> (and if I remember correctly, this position is considered and refuted by
> Sankara in his Brahma Sutra Bhasya. Bhartruprapancha, a pre-Sankarite
> commentator is also known to have held the same BhedaBheda views).
> Cheers.
> A.Siddhartha. 

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