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S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Sat May 13 17:33:01 CDT 2006

--- Sylvain <elisabeth-sylvain at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Regarding "renunciation", which sanskrit word means it best ?  tyAga ?, 
> nivRitti-mArga ?,  vairAgya ?
> Are these names synonyms ?

All of the above words are close in their meanings, with some subtle
variations. The Sanskrit word "saMnyAsa" is usually translated as traditional

--- Ger Koekkoek <gerkoekkoek at wanadoo.nl> wrote:

> Well, that's the main reason why I entered this mail-ring. Mentally
> renunciation is the only thing western "advaitists" are talking about. And
> most of them pretend to understand a whole lot of this. They are giving
> "darshan", that's how they call it, for money during the weekend, and if you
> criticize this a bit, then there answer is: "who is criticizing?"

A friend of mine once attended a satsang of American devotees of Ramana
Maharshi that involved a charge of $15 per person (for no reason other than the
satsang gathering itself). My friend recalled an instance when RM had
prohibited the use of RM's name to make money. Nowadays, my friend conducts
satsangs in his own house free of charge.

Point is - if one unable to adhere to dharma, practising Atma-vichAra is quite

> In this way they use atma vichara upsite down! In this way I could intend to
> shoot somebody, and when he is becoming scared I could say "who is becoming
> scared, the problem exist only within your illusions."


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