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On 5/12/06, Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian <rama.balasubramanian at> wrote:
> I suggest that people stop looking for *exact* matches in teachings.
> This is a very Western notion and also a very Christian notion!

1. I don't think "*exact* matches" have been sought by anyone really.

2. The debate is about meaning rather than syntax or form, and in
itself holds the potential of revealing the true nature of the

3. I'd like a substantiation of your claim that "looking for *exact*
matches in teachings is a Western notion and also a very Christian
notion". While it seems true that looking for exact matches is not in
the spirit of "eastern (or non-western) thought", making (apparantly)
derogatory remarks about some other culture without substantiation is
also not in the spirit of our systems of thought. Please show concrete
examples of Western or Christian thinkers seeking "*exact* matches".

I am no sympathizer or defender of "Western or Christian" beliefs. But
I AM a defender of honesty as a prerequisite in effective

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