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> nididhyAsana doesn't culminate in Atma vichAram. both
> nididhyAsanam and RM's Atma vichAram have only one
> goal, namely the attainment of akhaNDAkAra vRtti or
> equivalently aparoksha Atma j~nAnam. 


> RM's Atma vichAram and traditional nididhyAsana
> are NOT identical. they are similar in the sense that
> both have akaNDAkARavRtti as their goal.

There are two teachings:

1) Sankara - "shravaNa-manana-nididhyAsana is the way to GYAna."

2) RM - "Atma-vichAra is the *only* way to GYAna."

Therefore your claim that both shravaNa-manana-nididhyAsana and Atma-vichAra
are *two* ways to GYAna will not be accepted by RM, because he teaches that
there is no way other than Atma-vichAra leading to GYAna.

That's the reason I feel it may be that:

shravaNa-manana-nididhyAsana = Atma-vichAra (Swami Dayananda Saraswati)


shravaNa-manana-nididhyAsana culminates in Atma-vichAra.

> vAsudevaH sarvaM,
> aparyAptAmRtaH.


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