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        I understand your point, which is 101% true if there is something like that...beyond 100%,  but the things are being said in some context. 
  Still there is no hard and fast way. Nobody is stopping anyone from doing whatever he/she can to reach that goal of libeartion which makes the base, still in the end when all the ways of reaching there where they want to reach die down, and when reaching even stops, then it will be understood what I am saying..Anyways, I won't try to expatiate on it anymore. If it is understood in the context it was said, it will be great. Otherwise we can always leave it for forethought. The words will always remain subject to scrutiny where the meaning may be lost in it...
  Anyways, I would like to bolster your point again that "hardship", and lots of it is needed, but sometimes a little understanding may break the chain of hardships. 
         Renounce- I said, 
         He said, I renounced,
         I asked, "What"
         He said, "house and property"
         Renounce- I said, 
         He said, I renounced,
         I asked, "What"
         He said, "friends and relatives etc."
         Renounce- I said, 
         He said, I renounced,
         I asked, "What"
         He said, "clothes and everything else"
         Renounce- I said, 
         He said, I renounced,
         I asked, "What"
         He said, "everything did I, what else is left"
         I said, "Renounce, your mind and whatever is is to be renounced from your mind,and what else is needed, A little  understanding. Now if anything comes or goes, your renunciation is complete.  What do you look for around when it is all here only. What liberation what bondage! If you have renunciation what can bind you, and if the wheel of action is stopped this way, what else!!!! But you want it hard way. You won't accept it easily for something that comes easily to you, you will accept it only when you get tired of searching it, finding it and when you are not able to get it the way your thought it to be you stop."
  "I came when you were searching but your doors were closed, I waited still you didn't pay any heed. Now when you are tired, you look for me, here and now where you had left everything."
           I would say that the paradox is that all find it the hard way, for even understanding doesn't come without it...
  When Buddha returned home, her wife asked him if he couldn't get whatever he got being at home. Buddha also knew that it could be, but most often than not, the mind doesn't accept it until and unless you take a round about course.
  Anyways, I still said a lot when I didn't want to, but something came, well whatever. 

Murali Karamchedu <murali_m_k at msn.com> wrote:
  >There is no way to liberation!

I have heard such statements repeated several times, more often in 
neo-vedantic/syncretic circles.
This goes against traditional teachings as I have come to understand and 
observe them from my childhood. Tradition affirms that there is indeed a way 
to liberation; that is why it is a puruSarthA; at least, so I've been 
taught. It is a legitimate expectation to strive for, and since it is 
defined to be so, there *is* a way to it. If there were no way, we will have 
to admit capriciousness in the scheme of things. I don't think that mukti 
has been articulated as a capricious phenomenon.

To quote sureSvAracarya:

vairAgyaM tato mumukshutvaM tatas tad upAya paryeShanaM
tatas sarva karma tat sAdhanasaMnyAsas tato yogAbhyAsas tataS cittasya
pratyakpravaNatA tatas tattvamasyAdi vAkyArtha parijnAnaM, 
tato'vidyocchedaH, ***tataS ca svAtmany eva avasthAnam.***

For someone like me, I have a lifetime's job in just qualifying to get to 
the first objective; so in that sense there is no way to liberation for me, 
until I get there; but the hardship involved in getting there combined with 
my level of immaturity in no way invalidates the existence of the 'way'.

Murali Manohar

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