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If I'm not *wrong* this mail is repeated. Please do not repeat mails. Please
forgive me for the top post.


Prasad Kadambi

On 5/10/06, jagannathan mahadevan <jagannathan.mahadevan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Although I have been a member for some time I had not contributed much,
> but have been reading the discussions. I am replying to Shri Ram
> Garib's post sometime back whose link is pasted below. While writing I
> ran into another thought process and hence the change in the subject
> to "Moksha Iccha":
> http://lists.advaita-vedanta.org/archives/advaita-l/2006-May/017245.html
> I wish to re-post Shri Kartik's original post in this response to Shri Ram
> Garib's mail.
> http://lists.advaita-vedanta.org/archives/advaita-l/2006-February/016681.html
> There are avenues that provide the interested people to learn the vedas.
> In fact the Kovilur mutt is at least 200 years old and has been providing
> tutelage for any interested person. I have personally interacted
> with the last head of the Adheenam Sri La Kasi Viswanatha Gnana Desika
> Swamigal and have been there and witnessed first hand the reception to
> all. Although the above Mutt was an example from south India, there are
> numerous such places in north India one of them being the Markandeya
> Sanyasa Ashram on the banks of Narmada in Omkareshwar which welcomes
> persons interested to learn.
> It is very intriguing to me that whenever issues such as this come up, it
> is always about a community or a group of people (teaching of vedas to
> women and so on) as a whole that is considered as a party and eventually
> the system of vedic teaching is being faulted. Or someone that adheres to
> the system is faulted. Little attention is paid to the fact that the
> teaching itself is for an *individual* that seeks Moksha or
> liberation. Hence the system caters to individuals that are
> *interested* in the higher learning because they want to attain
> Moksha. Exceptional people with Moksha Iccha have always been there
> and the
> system always allows for such occurences (Satyakama..) to go forward
> irrespective of what group they originally belong.
> In order for any higher learning to take place one has to have
> interest-in this case Moksha Iccha. How such an interest is generated, I
> will leave it open for answers from more competent people on this list.
> In reference to Shri Ram Garib's post, I do not know what exactly *more
> focus* from the Kanchi sage on any community will result in, in terms of
> attaining Moksha. I think the best effect of such focus can only be the
> result of attainment of Moksha. But I strongly feel that attainment of
> Moksha also requires individual effort. Please feel free to correct me
> and I welcome other list members comments also in order to improve my
> understanding.
> Sincerely,
> Jagan,
> Senior Reservoir Engineer,
> Petrotel,
> Dallas.
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sada shiva samarambham Shankaracharya madhyamam !

asmadacharya paryantham vande guru paramparam !!

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