[Advaita-l] tradition, advaita, apauruSheyatva etc.

Ger Koekkoek gerkoekkoek at wanadoo.nl
Tue May 9 17:46:43 CDT 2006

Inspiration, language, initiation.

I really believe that the Koran, the Bible, and the Veda's are highly inspired books. Therefore they need to be treated carefully, which is the value of tradition. But I also believe that they are inspired from different sources. About these sources I dare to say that the Koran could be the lowest, and the Veda's might be the highest inspiration. In spiritual matters India could be the heart of the world. That's at least how I feel about this.
Why Islam and Christianity became more mighty in history, although India is the spiritual heart? Perhaps course their inspiration raised from a spring that was closer to the earthly bottom reality.
The world can be Maya, but Maya is not a stupid dream, a misunderstanding only. The other two religions perhaps had a bit better understanding about the world.

But that's of course my interpretation only. Interpretation itself is a complex matter. At this point we might start to look at the nature of language itself, whether it is inspired or not, whether it is written in books or is only dealing about what we think ourselves.
No matter how high an inspiration might be, no matter how pure the soul of a human being might listen to his inspiration, the latter will speak in a certain language, and any language is always describing matters, and never can contain matters in such a way that the language can become one with its subject, course the nature of language itself is imperfect describing and never can be perfect containing. Each language can immediately be misunderstood, even by the speaker or writer himself.

Another point that might create some chaos is the possible fact that some sayings only can be understood well after some initiation, after some guru or god changed the consciousness of a chela in some way, and was doing this within a construction of certain levels of initiation. This can be true. Regarding this possibility, thinking about certain levels that can be reached through initiation, I don't understand what happened to me at all.

Some echo from a past live, what ever that might be when we take the suggestion that there is no ego serious? Or some Indian god that was flying over while he was taking a holiday in the west? 
But as long as I am not too much worrying about those kind of questions, well, it takes pretty good care of it selves.
When I meditate too long, taking my own spirituality a bit too serious, then it disappears for some time. When I don't meditate at all, then I become very nervous after a while, and then really only a short meditation (put the attention inwards to it's own source) helps.
So I learned to listen to it, in stead to take too much selfinterpretated action.

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