[Advaita-l] tradition, advaita, apauruSheyatva etc.

Amuthan aparyap at yahoo.co.in
Sun May 7 21:19:44 CDT 2006

namo nArAyaNAya!

dear list members, 

this is a consolidated reply to three different mails.
before that, let me make a few things absolutely

1. my intention in giving such rigid (??) definitions
of who is fit to be called an 'advaitin' is solely to
distinguish all modern day thinkers who pass anything
and everything under their hat as advaita from true
advaitin-s like shRNgeri AchAryAs etc.

(let me also make it clear that with such rigid
definitions, i can't claim to be an advaitin, but i
can't alter the definitions to fit myself in. it is
important to look at things objectively and call a
spade a spade.)

2. science is an absolutely wonderful tool that MUST
be utilized for all phenomena that operate within the
realm of our senses. outside this, it is stupid to
expect science to explain things. this is all i was
saying regarding science and vedAnta. 

now to individual replies...

to Sylvan:
i don't know if i gave u a picture that either i or
the traditional advaitin-s are fundamentalists. this
is NOT the case. believing in the apauruSheyatva of
the vedAs and having respect and tolerance for other
religions are NOT contradictory. let me assure you
that i DON'T hate the other religions :)

to Ger:
call all modern attempts to realize the one self
within as neo-advaita or modern non-dualism or
something of that sort. i have no problems with that.
what i'm paranoid about is calling all these 'advaita

and Ger, you are free to express your thoughts. i
fully well understand your problem and why you feel
uncomfortable in tradition based discussions. you are
free to discuss your ideas, but in this list, the
validity of any statement made will always be
determined based on 'advaita vedAnta', the
philosophical system taught shaMkara. 

and adhering to traditions is certainly not a greater
bondage than thinking that one is a body. of course,
even this has to be transcended, but this is done only
at the end, not at the very beginning :)

to Manish:
all that i want to say to you, i have already said.
the gist is that you repeatedly say what you think
advaita is, but that is not what has come to be called
advaita vedAnta. if you understand this, there is no
necessity for any further arguments. if you don't
understand this, then no amount of my arguments is
going to convince you (as past history in the list has
shown !?) and hence there is no point in further
arguments. either way, i feel there is no point in
continuing this thread with you.

my sincere request would be first understand what
advaita vedAnta is. i'm not asking you to agree to
what it says. if you don't find yourself comfortable
with that, then don't call yourself an advaitin. as i
said earlier, i'm emphasizing on this more to protect
the dignity of great AchAryAs who have graced this
land than to show shortcomings in others. please
understand this in the right sense.

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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