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namo nArAyaNAya!

dear shrI sylvan,

--- elisabeth-sylvain_at_sympatico.ca wrote:
> 5.	Therefore, the question of  apaurusheyatva could
> be, - Does Veda the ONLY 
> saint book with no human author or is it one amongst
> others ? –

i had raised a similar question in the list after shrI
jayanArAyaNan completed his series of posts on pUrva
mImAMsA. in the discussions that followed, someone
mentioned that other religions don't claim their
scriptures to be apauruSheya. kindly check the
archives. i personally don't know the answer to your
questions, but i believe that only the vedAs are

interestingly even sages of the calibre of the RShIs
have refrained from calling their works as equal to
the vedAs. for instance, bhagavAn vAlmIki informs us
that the purpose of shrImad rAmAyaNa is to serve as a
sub-commentary of the vedAs ('vedasya
upabrahmaNArthAya'). similarly, shrI suka describes
shrImad bhAgavatam as 'nigamakalpataror galitaM
phalaM' - a fruit that fell from the tree of the
vedAs. this is the amount of respect and importance
given to the vedAs. no Astika would accept any other
scripture other than the vedAs as apauruSheya. 

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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