[Advaita-l] brahmans & Shudras

s v a a_satish03 at rediffmail.com
Fri May 5 01:40:47 CDT 2006

           This thread is not directly related to advait philo but indirectly to it. As in earlier discussions on end not means' we seen several view on brahmins & their adhikaras. Here i am raising fewer points, which can be discussed.
1. According to Manu-Smriti, there are only two Varnas in Kaliyuga, Brahmans & Shudras
2.In current position, 90 %Brahmans are also  Sanskara bhrashta, so can they also called Shudra? or We have adjust sanskars accourding to Manusmriti & current time.
3.Because Vedas are final authority, we must find, Sanskaras according to today in Vedas, if not, we must remain quiet as in Kaliyuga, all brahmanas are going to be degraded. As mentioned in Mahabharat & Bhavishya Puran
i hope your views

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