[Advaita-l] abhilAshAShTakam

Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Wed May 3 19:08:42 CDT 2006


Sri Sundararaman mAmA gave this file to me with note of the
background.  I apologize to him for not posting it as quickly as I

When I saw this work, I felt that guru's sankalpa adds greater effect
to a stotra  and it is realised quickly by a disciple with shraddha.
Here is cut and paste of the note from Sri Sundararaman mAmA. He has
also sent me two PDF files with selections of prayers from bhagavata,
which I post it soon.


During my visit to Austin I had given you a book called Lakshmi
Kataksham.This book was done at the behest of a 95 year old
Vaishnavaite who was the father of my colleague in Chemplast.

We had also done two more works for him.The second one was
Abhilashashtakam and here is the story about this sthuthi.

During one of his visits to Srirangam, Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha
Bharathi was accosted by a disciple couple requesting His blessings
for a progeny. He closed his eyes for some time and after this he
suggested this ashtakam to be recited daily before Lord (any God) and
this couple were blessed with a child.  You will see that the ashtakam
describes about Nirgunabrahman and the phala is a child.

My friend's father wanted to publicize this ashtakam and we had
printed this in as a card and distributed at Kapalishwara temple
during prodosham. I am appending the PDF file of this ashtakam and you
 can release this through ambaa.org if you  feel it is OK.



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