[Advaita-l] rAkshoghna yadnya + vAstushAnt

Jayant.Madge at skf.com Jayant.Madge at skf.com
Wed May 3 03:12:29 CDT 2006

saprem vande,

May I request a favour from our members to kindly enlighten me on the 

gruha pravesh   must be performed before shifting to new home

rAkshoghna              performed well before vAstushAnt provided in 
panchanga agni 
                        is scheduled on the particular tithi depending 
                        on shukla and krishna (shudha and vadya) paksha.

vAstushAnt              can be performed even after you take possession 
and start living
                        but within which period?

Any other advices or suggestion before shifting to new vAstu ?

Kind regards,

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