[Advaita-l] 'End' not 'Means'

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rama.balasubramanian at gmail.com
Tue May 2 15:28:25 CDT 2006

The April 7th post was what I had in mind.

I wonder how many people arguing about who can recite vedas have
bothered to learn even a single suuktam! No offence intended to


On 5/2/06, Ramesh Krishnamurthy <rkmurthy at gmail.com> wrote:

> > I suggest that everyone re-read the post Vidyasankar mailed within the
> > last month on the distinction between the parama-pursuShaartha, namely
> > mokshha, and social reform with respect to veda *recitation*
> > tradition. The two are mutually orthogonal in some senses.
> >
> > Rama
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> Namaste,
> Sorry for the delayed response to this post. Have been travelling over
> the last 3 days.
> If you are referring to Vidyasankar's post on 7th April, I have read
> that agree with it wholeheartedly. Vidyasankar's post on 18th April on
> the Satyakama Jabala issue is also instructive.
> Best wishes to all members on the occasion of Sankara Jayanti
> dhanyosmi
> Ramesh
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