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Dear Aditya
  It does not seem to make much sense to attempt analogies between brahman and anything. such analogy cannot be either correct or incorrect, because only brahman exists (so there is no analogy by definition). 
  The energy is not something that exists. It is just a scientific concept, a model. You may guess what realll IS that these concepts ultimately point to, can't you?
  So called laws connecting energy and matter in fact connect only the concepts of matter and energy. Of course these concepts are built in such a way that manipulating them allows extrapolating the "transformations" so that we have an illusion that 'we peek into 'reality''.   
  Building analogies makes only sense when  you try to connect the concepts on the same logical level. Brahman is one without the second, there are no analogies you can build to peek into IT. 
  I agree that on the level of mind & intelect such exercise may seem to be a very smart thing to do, no  doubt it creates an illusion of an understanding (or lets be honest - the illusion of control over Brahman reduced to the level of an object.) 
  Also, the concept of energy embeds entropy, which does not make any sense if you consider that your analogy would have to somehow account for awareness...
  This post is not crtitical, I am just sharing the stuff I got myself a hard way. There is no potential in the materialistic or physical energy to be used as an analogy to anything else... it is just a myth created and maintained by the contemporary science, because of its utility in technological application. Thats all.

Aditya Varun Chadha <adichad at gmail.com> wrote:
  actually I think my issue is also a bit about advaitin metaphysics.
The whole point is that brahman alone exists, is non-spacial,
non-temporal, quality-less.

now, let's NOT ask where mAyA came from or why. But just consider that
the duality is an "illusion". this just means that an "illusion"
exists and is "percieved" by illusion (itself). now the personal mind
is part of this illusion, "perceiving" itself and the rest of mAyA.
brahman, of course, is not affected by all this "activity" in mAyA.
upon Realization, part of this illusion is simply killed. but does
that reduce mAyA?

I am inclined to make an analogy between brahman and "mass-energy".
mass-energy is always conserved, and is unchanging as a whole. only
within the illusion of space-time, this mass-energy takes up different
forms giving a temporary illusion of internal seperation. This
continuous transformation can be seen as mAyA. The essence of all
existence is mass-energy. The Atman (individual self) is also
mass-energy, and since the seperation is only temporary and an
illusion, this mass-energy is that mass-energy, no difference.

How far is this analogy correct? Can we take it so far as to say that
we are beginning to understand the crux of advaita in somewhat
physical terms? Where does the analogy end?

Aditya Varun Chadha
adichad AT gmail.com
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