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Thanks Manish ji

For the benefit of all those who don't understand Hindi.
I have not been able to preserve the poetic meter and rhyme.

On 3/29/06, mwadhwa at uwm.edu <mwadhwa at uwm.edu> wrote:
>      mann ki mrigtrishNa jab samApt ho jaye to phir shanti hai aur Ananda...
>     phir tehraav hai...rahi ka ruk jaana...antar main tehar jaana...aur kya!!
>     bhAgnA samApta ho jAta hai...aur trishnAyein sab nikal jaati hain...
>     waise jaise prANa nikalte hain...phir pRaNa bhi teher jaate hain,mann bhi...
>     aur bandhan toot jaate hain...tab shabda bhi apna bandhan chod dete hain

When the illusions of the mind subside, peace and bliss take over.
Then there is steadiness. The wanderer rests, rests in his innermost
self. What else! The running stops, and illusions are thrown out, like
when prANa exit. Then prANa and mind both achieve a steadiness, and
all attachments are severed. At that point, the attachment to words is
also severed.

>     tab mann ki oopari satah par kuch girta hai to bilkul waise jaise dhalAn
>     wali chatt par varsha ki boondein..jo girti to hain par beh jAti
>     hain...teharti nahin hain..tehrengi kahaan..mann ke bandhan toot gaye to
>     hridaya main sthapit ho gaya...bachA kya..ek samudra si gehrayi aur ek
>     vishaalta jismain sab samA jaaye..ek shoonyata aur ek vishaalta...saath
>     saath..donon ek jo hain...aur kya!!!

The outer surface of the mind then becomes like a slanted roof, on
which droplets drop but slip off without affecting. How would they
affect, the mind is now free of shackles and is affixed in the heart.
What is left then? An ocean-like depth and a largeness in which
everything is assimilated. A zeroness and an infinitude, together,
because both are one, what else!!

>     bass chalna hi raha...to woh chalte rehna hai hi...
>     na yoga raha...na bhoga raha...bandhan tootne par kise todna hai ab..kaun
>     se bandhan hain ab jo tootne hain...jo hai woh to antar main hai hi..use
>     kis mandir main ja kar dhoondhna hai..dhoondhna to samApt ho gaya.antar
>     main jo mandir hai wahaan jab baith gaye hamesha ke liye to kaun sa mandir,
>     kaun sa haridwaar raha baahar...jab hari ka dwaar bhi andar hi dhoondh
>     liya..to aur kya
>     bass aur kya....

Only the walking remains, of course that walking shall continue. <--
[this I am not very sure of having translated accurately].
Neither Yoga remains, nor bhoga remains. What should one break after
breaking Attachment? What attachment is left now? Whatever is left is
in the innermost already. In which temple shall that be searched for?
The search itself is over now. When you are sitting eternally in the
temple that is inside, which other temple, which Haridwar now remains
outside? When Hari's dwaar (door) has itself been found Inside, then
what else! Just... what else!

> well said Vishwanathanji...What more?
> Well you made me poetic again...
> Adityaji...keep searching..when the searching will be over naturally...you will
> get all the answers to the questions you are posing now....that's why
> Vishwanathanji didn't say anything about what you were asking and so wouldn't I
> say anything....I hope you can understand hindi...
> Pranaams..
> Manish

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